Special needs parenting


PhotoGrid_1436426423495Ella turns 4 tomorrow and this time of year is very exciting but also a very thoughtful time for me. I think about the dreams I had for her while I was pregnant, I think about the years gone by and how much those dreams have changed. It’s almost like grieving for a child that never existed. But at the same time, my heart fills with joy at the amazing things we’ve achieved.

It’s taken a little longer for Ella to get through her milestones, but in a way that makes me appreciate them so much more… She didn’t ‘just start to walk’ like typical kids. she walked through hours and hours of physio, casting, walking frames, splints and good old sweat and tears (the tears mostly from me lol) and it’s the same with every achievement and milestone, so much work, effort and determination by Ella! It just makes them so much sweeter. So much more amazing. They’re A big “SCREW YOU” to the doctors that said she couldn’t, that she wouldn’t.

My Ella is an amazing, bright, cheeky, amazingly funny, and evil scammer of a child 😉 lol
She amazes me every day with the things she picks up, and learns when she wants to Haha.
There’s been certain people over the last 4 years, Joel, whose been by my side and in Ella’s corner since she was 5 months old, don’t know how I would have done it without him. And so many others, too many to name I couldn’t have done it without, some have come and gone, some have moved away or faded away for different reasons, some have been constant in the background popping up when we need them, some have and some have been front and center screaming and pushing us (yes pirate pop that’s you!) I appreciate every one of them.

Have the Happiest of birthdays tomorrow my baby girl, you are so very loved. 💚

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