Special needs parenting


Snapchat-4378524023494791863I can’t believe Ella will be turning 5 tomorrow and as always this is a thoughtful time for me. It’s a little sad today, and tomorrow no doubt will be a little sad too.
Every year dad would Skype, come visit or call for Ella’s ‘birthday eve’ before her birthday and plan a little party for her birthday, he’d make a cake and get her all hyped up.
Birthday eves aren’t really a thing for anyone but us.

And as always it’s a time to think about how far we’ve come, and you can’t do that without thinking about the tough times. Ella was in hospital for a few weeks after she was born, no answers about what what wrong. My first few months as a new mum were not enjoyable.

Her diagnosis day was one of the worst days of my life. Ella won’t do this, or won’t do that. I had no idea what our lives would be like but I thought it couldn’t ever be good given all the bad news I received.
My baby won’t walk, my baby won’t talk, my baby won’t eat, my baby won’t make eye contact, my baby won’t ever live independently.
And while some of this is certainly true, she can’t talk, she won’t have a first date, get a job or move out of home.

It’s all overshadowed by the things she can do!
She amazes me every day with her resilience, with her attitude and determination.

Joel, Ella and I are a family, we’re building our dream home and our future is bright. We are so happy.
These are All things I couldn’t picture for myself just 5 short years ago.

So I’ll get through today and tomorrow with a smile on my face and remember my dad.

Happy BIRTHDAY EVE Pirate Princess!

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