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Pregnancy certainly wasn’t easy this time around, I was sick, I was swollen, I had pain all over! Every day from about 38 weeks I woke up and said to Joel, maybe I’ll have a baby today! I was ready, we went and bought aIMG_20171104_203212 Christmas tree and got it up and decorated, as well and went and had a big day shopping with Joel the week before. And yes, it was the beginning of November but I love Christmas and I knew I wouldn’t do it after I had the baby! All that being said, I was in no rush to get things moving early I knew it would happen when it happens, plus pregnancy is easier than a newborn!

Friday night, 8 days before my due date, we made delicious kransky dogs with sauerkraut and onions. (pregnancy craving haha) We had a movie date night at home, and went to bed early. an hour later I was woken by some weird pains – And considering for the past week if I had even gotten gas I thought ‘Omg maybe this is it!!’ until I’d fart, and realise nope, no it isn’t.  This night didn’t think anything of it.

By midnight I still couldn’t sleep so I got up to have a bath. While the bath was running, it actually occurred to me that it could be labour! I snuck in and gave Ella a kiss, and laid with her for a while, wondering if this would be the last night she’d be an only child. IMG_20171028_170058_340Then I try to relax in the bath and read a book, while over analysing every little movement and pain, and by about 2am I knew it was the real thing, I didn’t wake Joel just yet, figuring he could use one last night’s sleep 😂

My ‘plan’ was to labor at home for as long as possible, then give birth at the hospital. Now, it’s important to mention here that the hospital where I live isn’t equipped to give epidurals, so I was planning on doing it relatively drug free.  remember that for later lol
By 4am the contractions were getting stronger so I woke Joel up and he made us both a coffee, I bounced on my ball and tried to focus on the latest episode of supernatural in between contractions (which were getting more regular now), while Joel rang the hospital to let them know it was happening.Snapchat-539977726
For the next 6 hours I labored in our bedroom and ensuite, alternating between kneeling on an absorbent pee matt I have for Ella’s toilet training and in the shower. Joel kept popping out to look after Ella (my mum was here by this stage as well) and keep himself busy because there’s only so much damn back rubbing I could take! PhotoGrid_1527224562985I had my labor playlist playing (as pictured don’t judge me 😂), and I felt in control. By 10 am I was definitely ready to go to the hospital, my waters hadn’t broken yet but contractions were coming hard and fast and i’d been laboring for 12 hours. Joel Helped me get my pee mat on the carseat and drove us to the hospital. All I kept thinking was I hope no ones around! By this stage I was groaning and moaning through the contractions! I had one contraction in the car park and we hurried in, I noticed one lady as I was walking down the corridor, right before I fell to my knees in the grips of another contraction, poor b*tch, I thought fleetingly as a crawled along, you get a preview!

FB_IMG_1510027368552Once in the birthing suite I met my midwife, young and fresh faced. I liked her instantly especially when she checked me, I was 7cms! Perfect I thought! (With Ella when I got to the hospital I was at 2cms 😂 )  I hopped in the birthing pool and moaned and groaned my way through a few more contractions. It was fantastic! I was getting sips of juice and Gatorade, even asking Joel how he was going and telling him he was doing a good job in between contractions! I was feeling all ‘I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR’ and shit. A little while later I get back on the bed, they Check me again, 8cms! The midwife said ‘we’ll have this baby in an hour or so!’ fantastic!!!  I have some gas, not long after the OB comes in to see how things are going. She checks me, 9cm but my waters still haven’t broken, they get the ultrasound to have a look, apparently his head is in a weird position. The OB suggests breaking my waters, and while her hand was up there, she’d try to move him a bit.

Oh my fu%@ing God.
So much pain, my muffled screams through the gas thing scared even me, Joel’s face had lost all colour and I started to panic. My water gushes out but she has trouble moving him into a better position and the Contractions have no break in between them by this stage.
Now, remember I mentioned no epidural? This fact is dawning on me right about now.
I yell my way through some more contractions when they check me again.
My cervix is swelling up, babies head won’t move and I’m barely coherent.  We make the call to get the ambulance to the nearest hospital, (I’m sure my begging for an epidural had nothing to do with it) a phone call later and we find out the nearest hospital isn’t taking anyone, so they send me to another one, 1 hour away. 😫

By this stage I have the urge to push, the midwives tell me not to but my body is trying to expel this stubborn baby out and nothing was going to stop it! Neither Joel or the midwife I liked could come in the ambulance with me, even though I was begging the them to come. (I did a lot of begging during that short period of time) In the ambulance I lose it, I’m strapped to a bed and stuck on my back, I start banging the walls with my fist, I threw the green whistle ‘pain relief’ at the midwife, screaming it doesn’t work! It was certainly not my finest hour, but amusing to look back on. 😂

Once we got to the hospital, procedure was followed, they had to do an ultrasound, trace on the baby, and what felt like a heap of other stuff, but once that sweet sweet release of an epidural hit me I opened my eyes. A new midwife I’d never seen was in front of me.
“I knew you’d have blue eyes!”  She exclaimed, I hadn’t opened my eyes since the ambulance.

They explained that baby had turned transverse, and that’s why labor stalled so badly. While the epidural was in effect things calmed down.  they let me rest while we waited.  i badly wanted some food and a drink but i wasn’t allowed in case I needed a c section.  They wheeled in some lovely smelling food and a coffee for Joel though! as he sat looking sheepish eating his food, We tried turning him, different positions and some pushing when I got back to 10cms but nothing was working.  I wanted to avoid a slice and dice but by that stage c section was the only option.
Not going to lie I was shitting myself! (and not in the way a woman in labor usually shits herself 😉) they explained what was going to happen very thoroughly,  I asked if I could watch but they said no, then took Joel to get changed.

They wheeled me from the calm, quiet, dark birthing suite, into a bright operating theatre. Joel was nowhere to be seen still, they strapped me to a bench, arms outstretched beside me. I joked with the anaesthetist that I felt like I was a horror movie. He was actually amazing, his name was Luke. He chatted away with me, talking baby names and about Ella. Luke was actually on our list of names and he almost had me convinced that was the name we would pick.  I could hear a bunch of people counting aloud in the background, I was told later they were counting the equipment so they’d know if they left anything behind! I had the shakes so bad from the spinal block, and I vomited in my hair. It was so glamorous.
Joel waltzes in looking trendy AF in his hairnet and the first thing I say is
‘I vomited. All in my hair’  Such a lovely moment as our son was being ‘removed’ . 😉  Next thing Luke said to me if you look left you’ll see your baby!!  Me, being the complete genius that I am, looked right. Luke tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to my left, So my first glimpse of Reece was his tiny feet as someone else carried him to the next room, with Joel trailing behind.   Luke then turned the drugs up to stop the shaking and nausea and I went to sleep.

I was woken by Joel, with a bundle wrapped up like a burrito, holding it way too high for me to see anything. I craned my neck asking ‘is he cute?’  Joel sat next to me and I could finally see him.  The baby with no name.  We sat there awkwardly while I got stitched back up. Joel said later that he felt like holding a baby is like holding a jug full to the brim with water, an you gotta get it to the fridge without spilling it. 😂

I kept trying to look at the baby but couldn’t see much, and I kept falling asleep.  Both of us too wrecked to remember to take a photo. It wasn’t until I was wheeled into recovery, and they stripped the baby and me off and put him to my chest I actually realised he was finally here! And remembered we needed photos!  Joel took a couple, none of which I can share because while Reece is attached to one boob, the other is just flopped out there (thanks for picking up on that Joel 😂)

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how he got here, or how it didn’t go as planned, or how many photos we missed.  What matters is that we all survived. 🙂