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5 things not to say about my childs sensory eating disorder.

It’s just ‘picky eating’

wrong.  It’s so much more.  My child has a real physical response to some foods.  She will have meltdowns, I’ve seen her vomit uncontrollably at the mere sight of certain foods.  Don’t diminish what she’s going through by saying things like
‘back in my day we ate what we were given’ or
‘Don’t give her a choice’
Not only is it super insulting, its not helpful.

She’ll eat if she’s hungry, you just spoil her.

Nope, she literally wont.
She’s already skinny, I have the paediatrician telling me if she loses much more weight she’ll be diagnosed with ‘failure to thrive’ or malnutrition so often that I dread her weigh ins.  She has gone to bed many times with no dinner because she’s refused everything I’ve put in front of her and not cared, nor has she been any hungrier at breakfast time. Then I just have to spend the next few days trying to make up calories that she’s lost.

I got her to eat it, you’re just lazy.

Congratulations, it means precisely nothing.  At home, she loves carrot and capsicum sticks, but if I pack them for her lunch at school, she refuses, every time.  What works in some situations, doesn’t work in others.  What she will eat one day, can make her gag the next.  And I encourage, I sing songs, I make up names for food and games for eating.  sometimes, it just. won’t. work.  It doesn’t make me (or any other parent) lazy

Just hide veggies in her other food

You think we don’t do that?  we make ‘rainbow pancakes’ with corn and carrot, Every week I make a big batch of spaghetti bolognese with spinach, carrot, zucchini, broccoli, and peas in it.  sometimes it works, other times the dog gets a good meal and she gets chicken nuggets or mac and cheese.  *shrug*

Have you tried … ?

It doesn’t matter how that sentence ends, the answer is yes. yes we’ve tried sending her to bed without dinner, yes we’ve tried not arguing, yes we’ve tried making her sit there, yes we’ve tried hiding veggies, yes we’ve tried choices, yes we’ve tried all eating together, yes we’ve tried TV off, Yes we’ve tried distractions, the list goes on..  Get the picture?
We’ve tried and will continue to try everything.

Ella does eat a reasonably balanced diet, we don’t get fast food, we limit sugar as much as we can, but we keep track by the week, so don’t judge based on one day (or even 2 lol)

-If you have a child with sensory eating disorder or food aversions or you know someone who does I can guarantee they’ve heard these things and more so many times!
What would you add to the list? let me know in the comments below.

At the end of the day, just be supportive, parenting is hard, the last thing we need is more judgement.  also, hit that share button!


3 thoughts on “5 things not to say about my childs sensory eating disorder.”

  1. I did have a child that refused to eat. Drove me to distraction just worrying about her nutritional needs and how I must be failing!! A great paediatrition told me not to stress so much and try and get some sneaky infant vitamins into whatever I could manage to get her to swallow. I’m not sure if it helped her but it did give me some peace!! She survived on not much solid food for almost 2 years.. and I survived the “Have you tried….. blah blah “ with just a smile and a “yes” usually before they’d even given me their advice 😂


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