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Most nights before bedtime story and bedtime, I try to do some kids yoga with Ella. It’s a great way for her to unwind, and it’s also great for her balance, which she has a lot of trouble with. Sometimes she’ll even do it herself, as I’ve got the photo visuals laminated on her wall!
I’m sharing this for 2 reasons,
1 – because it makes me look like a fantasic parent, and
2 – because I feel guilty that a couple of hours ago I lost my shit because Ella did not want to get dressed, which then caused a naked meltdown of epic proportions that lasted nearly an hour and ended with both of us in tears, proving I’m not, in fact, a fantastic parent.   Most of the time I’m pretty fucking mediocre.
Just like yoga, It’s all about balance… 🤷

Normally I would have stopped after the first point,  in fact when I posted this photo on Instagram this morning I did stop there.
But I’m putting my life out there, flaws and all to remind people that we are not alone.
So remember social media, isn’t real, like at all. We don’t look down on our screaming child, who thinks their world is falling apart because they got a blue cup instead of a damn green cup, and think – shit, better get a photo of this for insta!
– #blessed –

No, we sit there and think where the fuck did I go wrong? why is my child the one screaming like a banshee in the middle of the supermarket?

Yet we post those fantastic mum moments when behind the scenes we’ve all had crappy times. Remember, anyone can look perfect on social media, and that’s fine! Really! Who doesn’t want to pretend we’ve got our shit together, and put their best life out there for everyone to see?
As long as you know that nothing is ever bliss and roses all the time in real life and anyone that tries to tell you different is a frigging liar. period.

Being a parent is fucking hard – for everyone.

Now this mum is going to switch off, pour a glass (bottle*) of wine, even though its a Sunday, and watch shitty TV.

2 thoughts on “Social Media”

  1. Once again Mel, you’ve hit the nail on the head !! That’s why I’ve given up ”Fake”book and only look at Insta, because to me, it’s just like a photo album with happy snaps whereas Fakebook makes me feel inadequate. Love your stuff..enjoy your wine


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