Special needs parenting

Come Play With Me

I will never get used to seeing kids dismiss and reject my beautiful girl.
Inside my heart breaking again, I redirect Ella – a smile on my face.
Let’s not make a scene, 
let not make anyone uncomfortable –
as their parent makes excuses, don’t bother, I’m sure I’ve heard them all now.

My most kind hearted little girl, she’ll offer a hug or a tissue if they’re upset, and still they turn their backs
“Don’t shy away, she just wants to play!” I want to scream
But let’s not make a scene, your child is uncomfortable, we don’t want that.
It’s ok baby girl, you’ve got me after all.

My daughters empathetic soul on display as she pats a child on the back because they’re upset and still they shy away,
It’s OK Ella, I say, as I move her away – still screaming inside, won’t somebody play?
but lets not make anyone uncomfortable, don’t want to make a scene.

My girl offering her hand to shake or a toy to take, a silent gesture, ‘play with me!’
I hear them say ‘she doesn’t even know how to …’ – the endless ways that sentence can finish, it’s uncomfortable, you see, she can’t play like you and me.

I rage against the world as I see confusion on her perfect face.
I wish I was stronger, I want to scream, to cry, to shake them, make them understand.
To make a god damn scene.
But I don’t

We wouldn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, would we?


I wrote this originally for Ella’s facebook page, after seeing more children not wanting to play with Ella, Even though I felt we were all thinking it, we could all see what was happening, I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to make the situation uncomfortable, I didn’t want to draw any more attention to it.  Afterwards I felt horrible for not speaking up, I should have said something, who cares if I made them uncomfortable, I was already uncomfortable!  After writing it I decided I was no longer going to stay silent, maybe it’s about time someone caused a scene. It’a about time other people were made uncomfortable.

If you haven’t already head on over to give her page a like Here.
I share more stories, photo’s and updates on how Ella is going, as well as some insights into every day life.


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