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School holidays


School holidays can definitely be a challenge for us.  As I’m sure is the case with most families, boredom is the enemy, and we fight it all holidays.

When Ella is bored, she’s is so much more prone to meltdowns, defiant behaviour, hitting, self harm and rmd (banging her head) at night, and I try to limit screen time – not that there’s anything wrong with it, but because I notice a definite change in her behaviour when she watches cartoons all day. (Which is unfortunate, because there’s nothing sweeter than the sound of silence when she’s watching her tablet 😂)

But give her something to do, and she’s an angel!

it’s getting hot here, 40° and higher, (104° F) so anything not involving water outside is no go, and Ella has this great new habbit of pooping, not just once, but several times, when we have water play outside so that’s getting a bit old lol

I try to keep some structure, and keep her engaged.  We do painting, painting with water, Play-Doh, drawing, puzzles, dolls, reading, matching games, big Lego, flash cards – but with every single activity, Ella needs full supervision. You have to watch so she doesn’t eat the play doh, paint the walls (or herself) draw on things she shouldn’t, choke on things, break anything, or hurt herself. And for the most part she’s only entertained for 10 minutes or so 😑 To be completely honest, I generally dread school holidays, which I know is horrible and makes me feel incredibly guilty! But there’s only so much we can do. I can’t afford holiday programs, and going places can be tough, especially with Reece as well (plus the heat)

I’m already running out of stuff to do with Ella – this isn’t a ‘poor me’ post, this is basically a whole post is just to beg for ideas!  What do you do during the holidays? How do you fill the days?

So comment below, message, inbox, your school holiday activity ideas! (Bonus points if they need minimal equipment or input from me 😂)

2 thoughts on “School holidays”

  1. Hey Mel,
    Let her paint the outside of your house with water.
    I am with you with the school holiday dread… on the one hand it’s nice to drop the routine, on the other hand .. fuck, what are we going to do all day??? I always found it easier to have more kids around, is this a possibility with Ella?
    The heat is a killer, as is loading up to go anywhere, when behaviour is unpredictable.
    Give her the playdough and don’t worry if she eats it (do you have a good playdough recipe?) it won’t kill her and after a while she might give up because it does taste bad!! Don’t feel guilty about screen time, as long as you limit it at least 2-3 hours before you want her to sleep?
    With the water shifting, can you still get plastic pants? We used to call them
    “Pilchers” in the olden days .. google them, they catch everything 😂😂. And remember, everyday, you’re fucking amazing and it’s ok to take the easy way sometimes !! (Screentime) … there’s always wine at the end of the day xxxxx


    1. We do the water paint all the time! (It’s my favourite activity lol) we do play doh, but only bought Play-Doh I’d love to get a recipe off you I’d you have one! I’m going to have a look for pilchers, they sound perfect! 😂😂


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