Special needs parenting

New Year

Firstly – welcome to all our new friends, I’m blown away by the response I received in the last few days! Much love to everyone supporting us! 💚

Secondly – What a year!! 🥳
This has probably been the most challenging year for me and my mental health, We’ve had so many highs and lows, but like always ell has taken everything in her stride amazingly.
A few stays at the hospital, and one surgery, sickness and meltdowns and struggles for all of us.

But Ella is also gaining so many new spoken words, she’s recognising about 9 letters and can match the first letter to some words!
Kicking up her occupational therapy a notch, she’s improving so much with her behaviour and independence! We’ve introduced a sensory ‘time IN’ corner for her to go when she’s overwhelmed, with books, stress balls, and sensory activities to help her process. We’ve also added more visuals around the house for daily activities.

Toilet training this year has finally taken off, although only for wet, and we still revert to nappies when sick or travelling – but I actually have hope that we’ll be fully toilet trained one day, which is yet another thing I was told she’d ‘never do’

This marks her 3rd and final year in the hovell room at school, she’s moving up to the Hume room, which is amazing!
We’ve also enrolled in a junior ballet class for next year, with all typical kids – which is equal parts incredibly scary and exciting for both of us.

I’m so incredibly proud of her this year, and I can’t wait to see how far she’ll go in the new year!



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