Special needs parenting

What do you see?

What do you see in this picture?
I’ll tell you what I see. I see a child that’s absolutely frigging proud that she’d dressed herself, so proud infact she wanted a photo after I made such a big deal if it. Usually she waits for me, and I help. I point out where the front and back are, sometimes line up the leg or head holes, help her choose from a couple of different outfits.
This morning I was in brushing Reece’s teeth and she came out of her room ALREADY DRESSED!! I was so proud, and excited! One more thing she may be able to do COMPLETELY INDEPENDENTLY in the future! How frigging amazing!
Now this was the happy, positive post I was planning on sharing when I took this photo this morning.

Do you think I didn’t notice her shirt was on backwards? Did you really think it necessary to point that out to a complete stranger in the Supermarket, and with such a superior tone? What gives you the right? Jesus, even me, a grown ass adult, has occasionally thrown on a shirt inside out or back to front, and no one pointed it out to me – why point it out TO A CHILD!?

The ONLY thing I would have taught her this morning, had I immediately taken her shirt off and corrected it, was that I can do it better so don’t bother trying.
And really who gives a shit if her shirt is backwards? She was so chuffed at herself, who am I to shit on her parade by pointing out this minor mistake. SHE DRESSED HERSELF, WITH ZERO DIRECTION! I didn’t even have to ask her to get dressed – this kind of independence is something I dream of!
And even without all that, why point it out anyway?
You see a kid at the supermarket with her shirt on backwards, or in PJs, or with now shoes – shut your mouth and keep on walking. You don’t know what battles were won or what their story is.

Basically If you don’t have anything nice to say, well you’re probably not a very nice fucking person and you should probably take a look at yourself.

Originally posted on Ella’s Facebook page

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