Special needs parenting

Let’s talk about poop


Poop…  not something I enjoy dealing with to be honest, and as luck would have it Ella has had poop issues for her entire life.
And she also has a tendency  for ‘smearing’.
If you don’t know what it is, it could be sensory seeking or behavioural, and its basically smearing poop.

Its uncomfortable.
Its gross.
It’s lonely.
And we need to talk about it.

So, When Ella was a baby they told me it was an immature gastrointestinal tract and she needed suppositories to poo.
Since then She’s been on countless laxatives, stool softeners, different diets to try and ‘fix’ it.  Its one of the reasons toilet training has never really taken off.
There’s been occasions when she hasn’t pooped for over 10 days.  The school calls me on almost a weekly basis to talk about poop.  Im trying to get into see a gastrointestinal specialist because nothing seems to be working.  Sometimes I feel like life revolves around Ella’s pooping!

With all this going on there’s not much of a chance for smearing, but if the stars align and she happens to poop at night…

This morning I woke up randomly at 4am, (very common for me lol) and went to check on the kids.  I could smell it from the hallway.  I knew I was in for a very bad day…
Her bed, her walls, her hair – just. Everywhere. 😥

I’ve spent the morning cleaning, scrubbing, washing and sanitising while the kids watch toy story movies at breakfast because we do what we gotta do to get through.

In some of the parenting groups I’m in smearing is talked about a bit, and the parent thats dealing with it always has a lot of shame.  Like they’ve failed.
Which simply isn’t true!  There is absolutely nothing I could have done differently to stop it from happened.  It just is what it is, its nothing to be ashamed of – and Its much more common than people think and yet no one talks about it.
So I am 💩💩

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