Special needs parenting


It blows my mind that Ella is 10!

10 years of crying at the sight of a birthday cake (but quickly cheering up when she gets to eat the cake!)10 years ago tomorrow you made me a mother, and not long after that, your diagnosis made me grow up.

It was me and you against the world, against the predictions, and then Joel and Reecey joined our fight. we’ve been through some tough times together in your 10 years.

You’ve had a surgery for every year you’ve been alive, 10 times watching you go under.

We’ve moved a total of 5 times together, from living in a garage to living in dumps, to now our dream home.Having our house broken into and losing all your baby photos from some asshole that stole all of our electronics.

We’ve been through the loss of both your grandparents, my parents, together. Somehow, without even knowing it – you’ve held me together, just like you held me together when you were just 3 weeks old, getting your diagnosis. You always hold me together, somehow your smile will always pull me out of a funk when I think I can’t do it anymore. You’re the first to bring me a tissue if I break down and rub my back.

looking back I can only feel how damn proud I am. Proud for all you’ve achieved and overcome, proud for how I’ve handle myself.Proud for how compassionate and friendly you are.Proud of your stubbornness and refusal to give up.Proud of the wonderful young lady you’re becoming.

I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years and beyond will bring!

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