Special needs parenting

New Year

Firstly - welcome to all our new friends, I'm blown away by the response I received in the last few days! Much love to everyone supporting us! šŸ’š Secondly - What a year!! šŸ„³This has probably been the most challenging year for me and my mental health, We've had so many highs and lows, but… Continue reading New Year

Special needs parenting

For the parent of a newly diagnosed child

So your child has just received a diagnosis..
Welcome to the club that no oneĀ wantsĀ to be part of, but I can promise you, That this club, with all its ups and downs, is full ofĀ amazing, inspirationalĀ andĀ strongĀ people.Ā 

Special needs parenting

What I’ve learned from my special needs child.

Having a special needs child has been a journey unlike anything I could have imagined, there's Been the lowest of lows, but also the highest of highs.Ā  Ultimately Ella has taught me so much, and having the honour of being her mum has been so rewarding.Ā  Here's what she's taught me.

Special needs parenting

Stop and Smell the Gum Leaves

This morning, we were all up early (thanks Reece) and ready so I figured, fuck it, we'll head off half an hour before we usually do, it's the last day of school. We weren't even past our property line, that it hit me

She can walk!

Diagnosis, Special needs parenting

Cri Du Chat – my awareness week information šŸ˜

Here is all you need to know about Cri Du Chat, a rare genetic disability that most people have never heard of!
Cri Du Chat awareness week is coming soon, once you read this, you'll know more about it than most of the professionals I've seen!

Diagnosis, Special needs parenting

Growing up

I had to grow up, and fast. Iā€™m no longer just a parent, I have to be so much more.

Iā€™m her voice, and her advocate.
This is her diagnosis story.